Kwil -The simplest way to write your Will

We all know the importance of writing a Will, which is why Adventure Therapy has partnered with Kwil to give you the opportunity to write your Will online for free and in as little as 30 minutes. Once your Will is complete, please enter the code ATFREE and there will be nothing to pay.

Whilst there is no obligation to do so, after you have remembered those closest to you, if you are thinking of leaving a gift in your Will to support Adventure Therapy, please accept our sincere gratitude for your kindness.

Gifts in Wills are, by their very nature, one of the most poignant forms of giving. As a charity, they provide us with an opportunity for new developments, to purchase vital equipment and to plan for the future; and they offer financial security. Vitally, your special gift can help to enrich the lives of children and adults with mental health conditions, physical disability, learning disability, life-limiting illnesses or life-changing conditions.

You can be assured that your legacy, as a lasting testament to your life, will be treated legally and with the utmost respect. And by being part of our future, you can help people to take part in Adventure Therapy in the years ahead.

This means that you will help to change lives; enabling children and adults to spend time in the outdoors, improving resilience and emotional wellbeing. Your gift will help people who feel isolated and alone to interact with others, form friendships and create special memories for families.

If you choose to leave a gift in your Will to Adventure Therapy, as other people have pledged, it can be of whatever size you feel comfortable with, from a set amount of money in your Will, to a percentage of your Estate. The decision is entirely yours.

If you would prefer to speak to someone then you also have the option to call one of Kwil's Will writing experts on 0800 061 4934. They will be able to take you through the process over the phone.

Start writing your Will with Kwil today, secure in the knowledge that by leaving a gift to Adventure Therapy, you are also helping to make a positive difference in challenging and complex lives.

Kwil - The simplest way to write your Will.