A simpler way to write your will.

For just £90 for a single Will and £120 for a couples Will, you can create your own legally binding will online with Kwil today.

It takes just 30 minutes and you pay nothing until you’re happy to print and sign.

Single Will

Only £90 inc VAT

Couples Will

Only £120 inc VAT

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The UK's top rated online will writing service.

Four reasons to use Kwil for your will

Checked by experts

Checked by experts

Every will is checked by our experts to make sure that it's valid. Unlike other services you'll get your will on the same day.

Unlimited updates

Unlimited updates

Make changes to your will whenever you like, free of any extra charges, for life.

Access to Lockbox


Your executor will be able to access your virtual lockbox to get all the information they need to carry out your will.

Expert support

Expert support

Will experts available on Livechat and over the telephone 7 days per week to help you with your will.

Securely store your will with Kwil

We now also provide Will Storage.

Making a will is a crucial part of protecting one’s estate and ensuring that assets are divided amongst beneficiaries as intended. But keeping a will safe is as important as making sure it is written effectively. If a will is lost or damaged, the executors may not be able to distribute assets according to the wishes of the deceased and may have to revert to the rules of intestacy.

To help ensure that doesn’t happen, Kwil now provides it’s own Will Storage solution.

Read More about Secure Storage

What do I have to do to write my will?

Answer some questions about your Will
Answer some qualifying questions

Due to different laws applying to different locations, we can only provide our will writing service to people in England and Wales. You just need to confirm you live in these areas to write your will.

Complete your will online
Fill in our step-by-step process

By answering a few questions in our simple step by step process, you'll be able to build your online will. If you have relatively simple requirements then this won't take long.

Print out your will and get it signed and witnessed
Print your Will

When you have finished writing your will online you will need to print it out for signing. You will need two witnesses to sign it as well as yourself.

Telephone Support for Wills

You can also make a will over the telephone

Our friendly experts are here to help 9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday..

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How much will it cost?

Create a Single Will

Single Will

Only £90 for a single will

Create a Couples Will

Couples Will

Only £120 for a couples will

What effect has the Covid-19 outbreak had on Will-Writing?

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, and its drastic effects on social mobility and health in the United Kingdom over the past weeks, many people have rightly thought about making their wills.

But as many solicitors’ offices and will-writing services have shut at this time to prevent the spread of the infection, there have been many questions surrounding how this important task can still be completed.

Read More About COVID-19

Top questions about writing an online Will...

You must be 18 or over, of sound mind and living within England or Wales to create an online will with Kwil.

The cost of writing a will online is £90 for a single will or £120 for a couples, saving you £30 each on the cost of 2 single wills. You can sign up and start writing your will for free. You only need to pay when you’re finished and happy with how it looks.

Yes. Your Will is accessible on the Kwil app 24/7. You can make unlimited amendments that require you to re-print and sign at no charge.

Yes. A summary of your Will and the full document can be viewed whenever you like.

We have a team of support staff available on both phone and email. You can reach them on: 0800 061 4934 or email info@kwil.co.uk

If you wish to leave your estate to a loved one, or perhaps a specific gift to a close friend. Your will tells people who you want to benefit from your assets when you die. If you don’t have a Will and an executor cannot be agreed by your family, then the government will decide how your assets are distributed.

To make your Will legally binding you need to make sure it’s signed alongside two witnesses. It’s really important that everybody is present, at the same time, when the will is signed. This is so that, if your will is ever contested in the future, your witnesses can testify that they watched you sign your will.

If you are self-isolating but need people to witness and sign your will, it’s incredibly important you don’t put it off. To get around this, you could arrange for both of your witnesses to watch through a closed window as you sign your will. It’s important that they are present at the same time for this.

Worth also noting that in light of the challenges around COVID, the government have responded by introducing new legislation that will allow wills to be witnessed remotely using video conferencing tools such as Zoom, WhatsApp and Facetime. These new measures have been backdated to January 2020, and will extend to January 2022 after which it will be reviewed. The government have been clear that this is a temporary change in the rules and should only be used as a last resort where it is not possible for a will to be signed in any other way.

Most married couples, civil partners and long-term partners choose to leave the majority of their residuary estate to their partner. This is usually due to shared responsibilities like looking after children or paying a mortgage where your partner relies on financial support.

If you’re a parent but don’t have a partner, you may wish to divide your estate between your children. Anything left to children under 18 will usually be held by your executors until they reach adulthood.

The inheritance tax rate for 2019/20 is £325,000, this is also known as the nil rate band. If your estate is worth more than £325,000, you will usually have to pay 40% on everything over the nil rate band. However, if you’re married or in a civil partnership and your partner is domiciled in the UK, anything you leave to your partner will be tax free, regardless of the size of your estate.

In this scenario, your partner would also inherit 100% of your £325,000 tax allowance, giving them a total allowance of £650,000. Your partner could then leave behind an estate up to the value of £650,000 without having to pay any inheritance tax.

If you’re only looking for a simple, straightforward will there is no need for a Solicitor, our online service will give you everything you need.

If you would prefer to speak to one of our Will Experts first, please call us on 0800 061 4934. We can talk through your situation and make sure our service is suitable for your needs.

How secure is Kwil?

End to end encryption

End to end Encryption

Your data is in safe hands. Kwil uses SSL/TSL encryption and is built on top of Microsoft Azure which maintains ISO 27001 and SAS70 Type II certification, and has years of experience managing and securing large-scale data centres.

Privacy and control

Privacy and Control

Your data and information is always kept private to you and it will remain that way unless you explicitly request to share information with someone else.

Protecting your data

Your Data

The only people that will see your information are the individuals you have authorized via your will. Only when you are no longer around will they be given access on a read only basis.

Proudly supporting charities through donations left in our customers' wills
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