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You must be 18 or over, of sound mind and living within England or Wales.

Yes. Your Will is accessible on the Kwil app 24/7. You can make unlimited amendments that require you to re-print and sign at no charge.

Yes. A summary of your Will and the full document can be viewed whenever you like.

We have a team of support staff available on both phone and email. You can reach them on: 0800 061 4934.

If you wish to leave your estate to a loved one, or perhaps a specific gift to a close friend. Your Will tells people who you want to benefit from your assets when you die. If you don’t have a Will and an executor cannot be agreed by your family, then the government will decide how your assets are distributed.

No, you do not have to re-sign every time you change a part of your Will. Kwil stores your Will and saves any updates you make. However, your Will is not valid until you have had two witnesses sign the updated version.

An executor will be responsible for applying for probate and distributing your estate when you die. Naming an executor and keeping them up-to-date with important information allows your estate to be distributed quicker, with fewer errors. You should only name someone as an executor if you trust them, and believe they are capable of handling the responsibility of administration over your estate.

If you already have a will and would like to have your will written and looked after by Kwil instead of where it is now, it’s not a problem. Simply follow the steps to create your will and once signed, this will overwrite the one you have already made.

You can complete your Will in as little as ten minutes. However, we recommend you take your time writing your Will to ensure all your details are correct.