A safer way to store your will.

Making a will is a crucial part of protecting one’s estate and ensuring that assets are divided amongst beneficiaries as intended. But keeping a will safe is as important as making sure it is written effectively. If a will is lost or damaged, the executors may not be able to distribute assets according to the wishes of the deceased and may have to revert to the rules of intestacy.

To help ensure that doesn’t happen, Kwil now provides it’s own Will Storage solution.

For just £30* you can store your will with us for up to 25 years.

Please call 0800 061 4934 for more information.

*Additional £10 administration fee applies for any future retrieval, replacement or permanent withdrawal of will.

Securely store your will with Kwil

The UK's top rated online will writing service.

What do I have to do, to store my will with Kwil?

Print out your will and get it signed and witnessed
Complete your will

Ensure your will is signed and witnessed appropriately.

Call us to arrange storage
Call us on 0800 061 4934

One of our friendly experts will take your details, explain next steps and send you an addressed envelope to post your will to us in.

Post your Will
Send it to us

Put the envelope in the post and we will email you a scanned copy once it's received.

How secure is Kwil will storage?

Kwil understands the sensitive nature of the documents and data stored within our facilities. We have therefore chosen to implement strict security procedures and invest in leading security systems and equipment, to absolutely protect your archiving.

End to end encryption

Physical Security

  • Comprehensive intruder detection includes motion sensors and contractors that monitor facilities at all times.
  • Facility doors and windows are protected by LPCB rated security shutters.
  • Entrances and emergency exit points throughout the building have alarm contacts.
  • Extensive CCTV, with security lighting, are installed on all facilities, which monitor the buildings for personnel or vehicle activity – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Secure, satellite-tracked collection and delivery vehicles.
  • Out-of-hours security patrols to ensure a visible security presence.
  • Monitored facilities which are linked to the emergency services via Dual Com communicators.
Privacy and control

Access Control

  • All staff are CRB checked and bound by confidentiality agreements to protect your information.
  • Managed access control system, networked across the sites restricts entry to all premises and provides differing access rights for staff and visitors.
  • Personnel restrictions apply at all times. Whilst we welcome existing or prospective customers to visit our facilities, we insist that they are by appointment only.
Protecting your data

Environment Control

  • Smoke, heat, temperature and humidity detectors constantly monitor the document storage facilities.
  • The Secure Vault has an automatic fire suppression system.
Telephone Support for Estate Planning

You can talk to us over the telephone or via live chat.

Our friendly experts are here to help 9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday..

Call us 0800 061 4934