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Kwil -The simplest way to write your will

We all know the importance of writing a will, which is why Kwil has partnered up with Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland to give you the opportunity to write your will online for free and in as little as 30 minutes. Once your will is complete please enter the code BSBI and there will be nothing to pay.

For 185 years, the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) has promoted the study, understanding and enjoyment of botany. We know that botany is more than just a hobby for our members and supporters; for many, it is a life-long passion that was inspired in them by family, mentors, teachers and contact with nature. 

Unfortunately, skills and botanical teaching networks that were at one time common are now in danger of being lost. A legacy gift to the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland represents an investment in these skills. Previous gifts have helped advance our formal training, resources and materials, and facilitated a community of like-minded people to continue to advocate for botany in our society. 

A gift in your will to the BSBI will uphold our mission of supporting botanists at all levels, professional and amateur, as they continue to drive research and evidence-based conservation in Britain, Ireland, and worldwide. We would like to personally thank you for considering this gift towards the Society; your generosity will allow botanists to realise their impact for many field-seasons to come.  

“Having been a member for 54 years, I am leaving a gift in my will to BSBI as I want to ensure that future botanists can have the delight that I have known of seeing and studying our plants.”
- Lynne Farrell, Member and President of BSBI 

Your personal gift can be of any size; leaving a small cash sum or just 1% of your estate to BSBI can make a transformative difference. All donations to BSBI support our core mission to promote the study, understanding and enjoyment of British and Irish botany. 

We would be very grateful to hear if you are planning to include BSBI in your Will, so that we might thank you personally. If you have further questions or requests, you can contact us by telephone on +44 (0)7570 254619, by email at, or post, c/o Church Folde, 2 New Street, Mawdesley, Lancashire, L40 2QP, United Kingdom.

If you'd prefer to speak to someone then you also have the option to call one of Kwil's will writing experts on 0800 061 4934, they will be able to take you through the process over the phone.

Kwil - The simplest way to write your will.
Proud supporters of Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland