Different Types of Will

25th MARCH 2020

There are multiple types of will available, each with their own special benefits. They range from Single Wills, Couples Wills, Mirror Wills, to more complex ones.

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If your wishes are especially intricate or you have more specific needs regarding certain assets, businesses or properties, or regarding tax policies, then Kwil might not be the right service for you. But most people need only very simple wills, of which can Kwil provide Single Wills and Couples Wills.

What is A Single Will?

A Single Will is available at Kwil for £150.00 and allows one person to create a will. It is best suited to those individuals who are single, who are no longer with their partner, whether because they have separated or are widowed, or have separate wishes to those of their married/civil partner. It ensures your estate is divided exactly how you would like.

A Mirror Will vs. A Couple’s Will

For couples, A Mirror Will would be the usual choice. This stems from the idea that couples would share the same wishes for how their family estate should be divided.

Marketed as a cheaper alternative to purchasing two different wills, A Mirror Will instead acts as one will but reflects the wishes of two individuals. But while there’s also a case to be made that the documents were originally intended to make life easier for solicitors, there are more important problems with this type of arrangement.

For example, if you are married with children and you die without a will, then your partner will inherit up to £250,000 and then half of the remaining sum, with the rest divided equally between your children. In many cases this will be fine, but if your surviving partner then starts a new relationship, or the family structure changes in some way, that means they no longer want to support your children, they are legally within their rights to write them out of their new will, distributing your portion of the estate in whatever way they wish.

Mirror Wills no longer stand the test of time, as the traditional assumption that couples always have one shared interest has been disproven. Instead, Couples Wills are now available, which are more capable of accommodating the complexities of modern family structures.

A far better alternative to purchasing two different wills, A Couple’s Will is specifically designed to allow both partners to have their own individual will. With their own separate wishes, each document will be considered and respected independently of the other. This ensures that no conflict of interest might jeopardise the distribution of your estate. For example, if you are married with children, your half of the Couple’s Will ensures your children’s inheritance is protected, regardless of what your partner does with their half after your death.

Saving your time and money, Couples Wills are effectively a will at £60.00 each, and are available at Kwil for £290.00. They are best suited to those who have a married/civil partner, are in a committed relationship, or are making a will at the same as their significant other.

Kwil can help you decide which will is right for you and your beneficiaries.

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