Do I need a Solicitor?

30th MARCH 2020

Death is a difficult subject, both emotionally and legally. It can conjure up images of complicated discussions with those who are, professionally, best able to prepare for it. For some, this means contacting the family solicitor. For others, it perhaps means finding one in the first place. But are lawyers essential at all at this stressful stage in our lives?

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It is a common misconception that a lawyer should be the only port of call when writing a will. While in some circumstances they can be helpful, there are far simpler and more cost-effective methods available, and which provide the same security and legal reliability.

Kwil or a solicitor- Which service is best for writing my will?

Despite popular belief, there is no legal requirement for a solicitor to be involved in the creation of a will. In fact, they can be written by anyone, and there are DIY will-writing kits available for this purpose. However, the composition of a will needs to conform to UK court laws, and so it is better to be safe and leave it to the professionals, whether that be Kwil or a lawyer.

Kwil has it own in-house legal team who make sure our online will-writing services are kept up to date with changes in the law and can be verified in court. Operating under the same legislation as solicitors, the customer’s peace of mind is ensured at every step of the way.

Kwil emphasises accessibility. Rather than confusing the process with unnecessary jargon, we believe the creation of your will should be made easy. That’s why our system is designed to be transparent as possible. By simply answering a few questions online, your will can be printed off and verified within a matter of a minutes. A live chat service is available at this stage to those who need it, and an expert can be reached via telephone if required.

Issues that usually arise in the creation of any will, such as maximising its tax-efficiency, will be handled with the utmost discretion and professionalism by Kwil’s trained experts. Your options will be clearly laid out and your information will be secured through our end-to-end encryption system and kept private to you and to those to whom you have authorized access.

Any changes that you may require can be instantly made online for free (with a £10.00 charge after one year). This is much less than charged by solicitors, who usually require appointments to be made for edits, and can often rack up hidden costs.

With solicitor charges reaching from anywhere between £200 and £1000, Kwil’s price of £150.00 for a single will and £290.00 for a couple’s will, saves you a considerable sum.

Wills require an executor to carry out. Do I need a solicitor then?

No, you do not need a solicitor to act as your executor. In most cases, wills are not complicated enough to need a solicitor, who can charge from 2% of your total estate’s worth if named as the executor. It is far more cost-effective to name a family member or close friend in this role.

In what circumstances is a solicitor necessary for writing a will?

In most cases, a solicitor need not be hired, and Kwil can provide you with all your will-writing needs. However, there are instances in which a solicitor is required. For example, for those with complicated family arrangements, such as sharing a property with someone who is not your married/civil partner, or making provisions for those unable to care for themselves, or perhaps for family relations of a previous marriage, it is best to contact a solicitor in these instances.

For those with business assets that require apportioning, whether in the UK or abroad, Kwil does not support this type of transaction. Neither is Kwil suitable for those whose permanent home is outside of England or Wales.

I don’t need a solicitor-Why should I use Kwil?

Kwil will save you time, money and stress. It will also guide you through what can seem a very complicated process by asking you a simple set of questions, thus guiding you through the whole process. At the end, you will have created a correctly worded, legally binding will. We can provide the same guided and competent service as a solicitor, for a fraction of the price, with costs clearly indicated and without the unnecessary charges or legal hassle.

Again, preparing for the inevitable is not an easy task, but neither should writing your will be unduly complicated or costly. Let Kwil handle your will. Your time and money are better spent elsewhere.

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