Do I have to leave money to my dependants?

When writing your Will, you should make sure to consider any dependents that you have. These are people who rely on your income. This is especially important, as your dependents can legally challenge your Will if they could expect to have reasonable provisions for their futures made for them. You should also remember that your dependents may not be limited to your family, or even your close family. Your dependents could include:

  • Elderly parents.
  • Spouses (whether or not they work).
  • Children, including adopted children or step-children, whether adult or not.
  • Family members whose upkeep you pay toward.
  • A person with a disability preventing them from working, whose upkeep you pay toward. • Any other person who is dependent on your income to meet their financial obligations.

Consider carefully who you regard as dependant on you and whether they would have any hope or expectation in being left a gift or money under the terms of your will.

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