The simplest way to
write your will.

For just £90, you can create your own legally binding will online with Kwil today. Takes just 30 minutes and you pay nothing until you’re happy to print and sign.

Why use us?

Easy to create
Easy to create

Just follow our 4 steps where we’ll ask some questions about you and what you’d like to be included in your will.

Save time & money
Save time and money

We’ve taken the pain out of writing your will – it’s easier, quicker and cheaper to use Kwil rather than a solicitor.

Expert checking
Checked by our experts

All of our wills are checked and verified by our own legal experts.

Access to Lockbox

Securely store all that is important to you in your very own virtual Lockbox. Your executor will be able to access it when you are no longer around to help them.

Update whenever you want
Update as often as you like

Make as many changes as you like to your will at any time for an optional £10 or £20 per year.

How Kwil works

It’s really very easy – here’s what happens:
1 Answer a few questions
Answer a few simple questions about you, what you want to leave and who to. Telephone support is there should you need to ask us anything.
2 Print Will
When you’re done, print it off and follow the instructions to make it legally binding.
3 Make changes
For an optional £10 or £20 per year, you can easily add, edit or remove people and assets from your will if your situation changes.

Prefer to talk to someone over the phone?

Will expert Justin

Talk to Justin

To have your will completed in just 20 minutes.

Talk to Justin   Talk to Justin  
9am - 5.30pm
Monday to Friday
0800 0614 934
Will expert Emma

Talk to Emma

To have your will completed in just 20 minutes.

Talk to Emma   Talk to Emma  
9am - 5.30pm
Monday to Friday
0800 0614 934

Save hundreds of pounds versus the cost of a solicitor

Start your will now for free – no need to pay until
you print and sign

A Kwil will

Only £90 for a single will

Only £120 for a couple will

  • Create your will online
  • Fixed fee (no hidden charges)
  • Unlimited updates
  • Access any time anywhere
  • Checked by our legal experts
  • Live telephone support and advice from our own team of UK based experts
  • Securely stored
  • Print and sign

Typical Solicitor

£200 - £1000 per will

  • Checked by legal experts
  • By appointment only
  • Travel required
  • Complicated legal jargon
  • Additional charges for updates

Annual subscription from £10 per year (optional)

For an optional £10 per year, per person you can make unlimited updates to your will, allowing you to easily add or remove people and assets from your will as your situation changes.

Benefits of optional subscription include:
  • Unlimited updates for lifetime of subscription
  • Unlimited Print outs
  • Law changes automatically added
  • Access to Lockbox

How secure is Kwil?

End to end Encryption:

Your data is in safe hands. Kwil uses SSL/TSL encryption and is built on top of Microsoft Azure which maintains ISO 27001 and SAS70 Type II certification, and has years of experience managing and securing large-scale data centres.

end to end enryption

Privacy & Control:

Your data and information is always kept private to you and it will remain that way unless you explicitly request to share information with someone else.

Privacy & Control

Your data:

The only people that will see your information are the individuals you have authorized via your will. Only when you are no longer around will they be given access on a read only basis.

Your Data